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YAY!!!! I am so happy to finally complete CGTP certification. Thank you so much. You have been a great source of inspiration, very professional and I admire how the certification is  conducted under your supervision. The whole Syllabus is so relevant, even a person that does not have a background in Travel can be guided by your workbook. It gave a complete picture and representation of what Travel in the Government environment is all about. Let’s face it, Government Travel will not go away and it will keep on growing every single year. Though there are budget cuts, travel will still be the biggest part of federal budget to complete agencies mission. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Continue what your organization do, it’s going to the right direction. I will...

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I am really trying to expand my knowledge of Government travel for my current position. I think your program is very good and it is helpful that it is affordable because I had to pay for it myself due to lack of agency funds. I compliment your being so responsive. K.A.B. Class 2012

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A Wealth of Information

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The CGTP course provided me with a wealth of information. I especially like the basics provided in the beginning of the course and the beginning of every weeks presentation, giving the history of government travel. The assignments were also very beneficial, because they caused me to do more research on the topics for the week. They also, allowed me to use what I had read to relate to my daily tasks… I would have to say, I learnt more on government travel from this course than I have on the job… Thank you! Anna K.

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