CGTP Overview


he CGTP certification is rapidly gaining credibility as the “government travel industry certification of choice.” Your CGTP designation can be used on business cards and in correspondence and indicates a level of industry knowledge which is vital to operating successfully within the government travel sphere.

The CGTP training course costs $595 and $50/year for annual recertification.

CGTP graduates will have access to a growing “phone book” of certificants available which is a useful networking tool.

While CGTP instructors are experts, they recognize that one of the most valuable resources for the government travel communtiy is the knowledge and experience of the people who work in the field.

Giving those people a chance here to make their voices heard — either through informal blogging, forum postings, commments, or white papers – is what the CGTP course — and this website — is all about.

The people who get involved and who post their opinions and observations here are those who will be instrumental in future change in the industry.

The opinions and commentary you see here will hopefully influence industry decisions and best practices for many years to come.

This site and the CGTP course are disgned to build a bridge for the future between government and industry professionals.

The CGTP course is taught on Moodle, an open source Learning Management System. You take the course at your own speed, and on your own time schedule. There is no time limit for completing the certification.

We encourage and invite comment on existing posts through this site.

For a detailed syllabus of the CGTP course click HERE.


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