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The hotel booking reports the government receives only states the reservations made, lacking the actual stay.   With the latest technology why is this issue not resolved? The government should be able to have the most recent and effective technology means to establish a smooth operation.

How will the government have the latest changes on travel trips, since many changes occur hourly and/or daily?  This is another issue that should be resolved or be more of an importance to the government.

Other reporting techniques from credit card companies are contributing to make this process smoother, by reporting hotel bookings are payments. However, there should be more focus on this matter.

The travel should not have the burden of searching for other hotel properties when arriving to their “booked hotel site.” If the particular site is booked then this is the responsibility of the government’s assigned department. This is an inconvenience to the traveler and in my opinion; the traveler is not being protected. The traveler then has to search for another available property.

The per diem reports provide traveler’s hotel information. This report is an overall status of the government traveler’s actual hotel rates and discounts offered and usage. This is a very important component report, as the government is able to capture and track its traveler’s rates and discount usage. And determine whether they are saving money. Perhaps, the government should institute a better program in the future.

The government should improve or revise the hotel report, this will help track hotel bookings – cancellations, and  last minute changes.

by Ana Ferrara

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