In the interest of more open communication, better knowledge and understanding of government travel that SGTP created the Certified Government Travel Professional training course for both travel industry professionals and government personnel.

It was the initial goal of the course to create common understanding and to bridge the diversity of background and job responsibilities for all those involved in government travel management at any level.

The CGTP Course is designed as a “living document” to be offered online. The course is continually critiqued by, and updated for, students.

The dynamic nature of the course allows the creation of a “central document” which leverages the collective knowledge industry and government participants. This is essential in the dynamic travel industry where monumental changes can occur daily.

This website adds a whole new level to the course by creating a searchable library of personal insight and experience from industry insiders.

The course itself is flexible enough to accommodate government policy changes as they occur and its modular nature assures ongoing relevance.

The CGTP course is both a traditional “learning” course and this website is a gateway to a new community of Government Travel Management Professionals and a powerful learning tool for both newcomers and industry veterans.

If you enjoy the articles here, please do sign up to take the course and join the ranks of CGTPs today!