Air Ticket Selection Options

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This posting will be a discussion regarding the air ticket selection methods along with the pros and cons for each method.  The traveler can select and book tickets through one of the following methods: (1) accessing the EGOV Travel application and selecting the air tickets directly through the application or (2) calling the travel management center directly to book the tickets.

Generally, tickets for any domestic trip can easily be selected by using the EGOV Travel application. Travelers are always encouraged to select air tickets through the EGOV Travel application as this is the most cost effective method for the government.  Selecting the ticket through the EGOV Travel application ensures that all the detailed information regarding the air ticket has been captured on the authorization which includes the air line, ticket number, and departure and arrival times.  The negative aspect of selecting tickets via the EGOV Travel application is regarding complex foreign travel.  Due to the complexities of the some foreign travel, it is appropriate at times to contact the travel management center directly to obtain assistance with the selection and booking of air tickets.

As stated earlier, travelers are encouraged to select tickets on-line through the EGOV Travel application however; it is acceptable for travelers to consult directly with the travel management center on some foreign trips.  The advantage of contacting the travel management center directly is that the travel agent takes all the action for the traveler in regards to selecting and booking of tickets.  The cost of this service is also significantly higher than that of the on-line booking.  Another downfall is that, in some cases, the detailed ticket information does not get pushed into the authorization in the EGOV Travel application, and the traveler would be responsible for entering the ticket amount manually in the authorization.

by Grant Brown

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