Airlines, Hotels, and the TMC

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To ensure the value a TMC can bring to government travelers and all governments agencies, a TMC must understand the regulations and rules and that influence airfare and hotel reservations on an ongoing basis.  CPP, City Pair Program, and understanding the difference between YCA, _CA, and _CB air fares is most important for TMC agents booking each government traveler with an air itinerary.  It is a TMC’s responsibility to know how to get the CPP contract, display the options in the GDS, and follow each specific government agencies rules for approval and ticketing.  Other essential knowledge for booking airfare for government travelers is interpreting and applying the Fly America Act, the Airline Open Skies Agreements, airline code shares, frequent flyer program applications, payment and ticketing government reservations.  Putting this process together for all Government travelers, ensure seamless and knowledgeable service so government employees can focus on their daily responsibilities.  These same general principals can be applied to government hotel reservations, focusing on up to date Per Diem rates for each reservation.  A TMC must also apply understanding and compliance of the FTR and be able to access it’s availability to apply changes to any government lodging policy or Per Diem rate.   To be a successful contractor for the federal government a TMC must be able to accomplish the following in reference to Hotel and property reservations:  Reserve FEMA approved properties; Access and apply FedRooms rates; Understand the emergency lodging program, corporate housing, and conference, events/tradeshow planning.  Applying the intricate details in every aspect for federal government travel planning will essentially determine how efficient and effective the services a TMC can provide our federal government.

By:  Scott Carver

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