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In sections 2b and 2c of the Certified Government Travel Professional Training Course, I can relate to the “Airlines” training material from my previous reservations sales positions with Piedmont, US Air, and United airlines. I knew the complete description of Fare Basis Codes and what each of the code letters signified. What is pretty amazing is that I had a good memory of what the codes meant. Along the same line, I have remembered a good share of the airport three-letter codes and airline two-letter codes. My first position in the Postal Service required me to learn all the ZIP codes in Michigan and I have remembered most of those. What is it about that type of information that stays in your memory? In the “Hotels” section, I could relate more to my current duty as a travel planner. I currently plan meetings and have learned how to negotiate with hotels for lower rates and added amenities. Since the Postal Service travel procedures are slightly different, it was interesting to learn of the various “other” government-agency programs. The amount of statistical information that hotels maintain was also of interest, especially the average daily room rates. The Yield Management information is most similar to how airlines allot certain seats for Frequent Flyers, Excursion Fares, Government Fares, etc. What I also found of interest was the items listed in the “Continuity of Operations”, a number of items that government travelers may take for granted. It makes me wonder how often hotels are “dropped” if certain standards are not maintained.

Joyce Wahoski, USPS Stamp Development

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