Approving Official Responsibilities

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An approving official is an employee with the authority to approve or direct travel for official government business.  The approving official is included in the routing lists in the ets.  They are sometimes an administrator or part of the finance office.  There are often more than one or two to provide for unavailability.  The approving official must be knowledgeable of the federal travel regulations (ftr) and any other agency specific policy. 

Some of the roles of an approving official are that the  approving official must determine if the travel is essential to the agency mission, ensure adequate funds are available prior to authorizing travel, make sure that the mode of transportation selected in the authorization is most advantageous to the government.  The approving official must determine if the travel expenses are necessary, reasonable, justified, and consistent with completing the assigned objectives or missioin. Review the accounting code selected to ensure that the correct funding is being charged for the travel being performed.

The approving official examines electronic travel vouchers.  The approving official makes sure there was an approved authorization in the system for the trip.  He or she ensures that the necessary receipts are attached, the types of expenses are authorized and allowable and the amounts claimed are accurate. If there are any discrepancies found when being reviewed by the approving official the document will be returned to the traveler for the necessary corrections.   The approving official ensures that any justification and evidence is attached to the document to be retained for six years and three months. 

By Deva Wilson

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