Are You Ready for a COOP or Pandemic

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Are you ready for a COOP or Pandemic situation?  What about the Swine Flu?

Influenza pandemics have occurred every few decades.  Previous pandemics have affected a large number of the population and resulted in numerous deaths.  No one knows when we will be affected by the next pandemic or a COOP event.

We have developed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure that our Temporary Duty (TDY) and Relocation customers continue to receive services should we experience a disruption to normal operations.

Whether it be a major catastrophic event or a software outage, communication is critical. Our TDY area is ready, should we experience a GovTrip outage. Our experienced and knowledgeable travel technicians will work closely with Northrop Grumman to ensure that our customers experience minimal or no difficulties in making their travel arrangements.

Our relocation coordinators are experienced with worldwide relocations including providing counseling on relocation benefits, working with moving companies, shipment of household goods, numerous vendors and guaranteed home sales.  They have the knowledge and expertise to continue to assist our customers, even under less than desirable circumstances.

We will also strive to continue to make travel payments in a timely manner and continue to provide travel policy and travel regulation guidance.

To ensure we will be prepared, we are constantly reviewing and updating necessary procedures, information and equipment.

We also participate in the annual Business Functionality Test, (BFT), sponsored by Main Treasury.  Each year we expand our testing and improved on the item sand functions tested in the prior year.

By Diane Huffman

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