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The travel manager role, as this chapter mentions, does require great talent in multi-tasking. During implementation, a good project plan is vital to make sure all tasks are accomplished. The travel manager has to ensure all TMC profiles are loaded, lines of accounting are loaded, and that the routing chains for all travelers are established. Charge card information has to be loaded and correct so that tickets are issued timely as a self-service transaction. An organization with thousands of travelers causes this type of workload to grow exponentially. Normally, the travel manager is not only responsible for all the E-Gov Travel tasks, but has to provide policy guidance as well.

Although the E-Gov Travel system has automated many aspects of the travel document process; the maintenance of the profiles, lines of accounting, and routing lists still requires many hours of ongoing maintenance to ensure accurate document processing. If an agency could establish one database that maintained all changes of approving officials, charge card numbers, and lines of accounting for travelers; the task would be easier. Additionally, if the vendors would cooperate in the handling of these new file updates in an automated fashion; the goal of the truly automating not just the payment process, but more of the entire travel process could be achieved. Agencies should take full advantage of the GSA Project Management Office to try and get best practices enacted whenever possible.

by Jaqueline Lynch

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