Business Practices

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Business practices as defined in this section of the CGTP are the general principles and practices a TMC/CTO must provide the federal government on a daily basis, without exception.  Trained experienced agents that understands the entire travel management process and can apply JTR, FTR and government agency specific travel regulations is the key to a good relationship between the Federal Government, the traveler, and the TMC/CTO providing travel management.  From constant updates of traveler’s profiles to applying all regulations and policy to TDY, a TMC agent’s ability to establish a relationship with professionalism and trust with the specific branch of government, ensures seamless travel planning, approval, ticketing and expense reimbursement.   It is imperative that a TMC and its agents directly in contact with government TDY travelers, know how the entire process works from start to finish, ensuring that all government procedures are handled appropriately, and each government employee has confidence in the services that a TMC provides.  A TMCs relationship with AO, authorizing officials, and the government finance department personnel must have clear concise communication and work flow with detailed individual understanding of job responsibilities is equally as important as the relationship with the travelers.  It sounds as if the personal human aspect of government travel management with the importance of clear concise communication is as important as the process itself… For the TMC this statement is true.  Even the use of ETS, and the procedures that follow, it is the TMC that is embedded or accommodated, ensuring ticketing of each reservation and the human aspect once again touches each reservation. 

By:  Scott Carver

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