Code Sharing

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What is code sharing? Code sharing is an agreement between airlines that allows the sale of seats by a partner airline on another airline’s flight as if the flight were its own. Code shares can provide a cost-effective way for a carrier to enter new markets by using the facilities and operations of a partner carrier.

While code sharing is beneficial to many airlines, it can be misleading for travelers who believe they have purchased a ticket on one airline only to discover that they are actually flying on another. Or worse, when the traveler believes they are staying on a single airline on a multi-leg trip only to discover that they are not only changing planes, but also changing airlines in their connecting city.

An important factor that a traveler should be aware of when purchasing code share tickets is that airline carriers that participate in code sharing are required to identify code share flights on schedules and passenger itineraries by marking them with an asterisk or other “easily identifiable mark” along with the name of the actual transporting carrier.

Another important factor is when checking in, typically the traveler is supposed to check in with and board the airline that is operating the flight, and not the carrier that sold them the ticket. During this time, the traveler will need to confirm that their frequent flier miles have been recorded if applicable.

A third factor is if a traveler needs to change their itinerary or request a specific seat while at the airport, then the traveler should contact the carrier that sold them the ticket rather than the carrier they are actually flying.

Finally, while the selling airline is most often responsible for reservation issues, lost or damaged baggage claims are generally submitted to the last airline that handled the traveler’s luggage at the destination.

By Susan Garrett

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