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With the invention of each new tool comes an additional problem.  When the eTravel systems were developed, they were meant to make things easier on all involved in the government travel process.  In most ways, they are successful.  The one area that is key to making the system work is keeping travelers informed.  I’ve found through my experience that no matter how much you try, you can never give out too much information to the travelers.  If there are any problems with the system, it’s better to inform the traveler before they find it on their own.  If they’re trying to do something and come across the issue then they tend to get a little more worked up.  If they are aware of the problem before they run into it and already have a workaround or solution, everyone stays happier.

This isn’t just the case with problems in the system but also changes to the system.  Anytime an upgrade is done that is meant to enhance the user’s experience, they need to be made aware.  If they login the system to create a document and find something they aren’t used to, it causes problems.  Even if the experience is better it still causes undue stress on the traveler and in turn on the help desk.

The best solution is to notify the travelers via email or through the system that changes have been made.  Make them aware before they encounter it on their own and it makes for a more pleasant work environment for everyone.

By: Jason Caltrider

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