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Too often in the government travel industry the lack of good communication has been a barrier to success.  Breakdown in the admin office, move to the Commercial Travel Office from there migrate to the finance and comptroller’s office.  The answer lies in better communication at all levels so the travelers know that they have received the best from all members of the staff. Travel program managers are here to be fiscally responsible in the use of funds in accordance with the rules and regulations that exist.  None of our manuals or training materials gives ownership to any one individual or group of individuals, we are all here working together to assist the traveler.

The question that should always be asked, “How can the communication of those rules and regulations to the traveler while ensuring him/her that the travel staff is here to assist?” All levels in the process are here to make the travelers travel experience one that will be pleasing and enjoyable.  Being professional in our communication with the traveler helps improve communication. Think before you speak, make eye contact and use your body to get your point across. Actively listen, listen to what your customer is saying.

  • L, let others speak.
  • I, intend to “hear” what they are saying.
  • S, speak when it is your turn.
  • T, talk with them, not at them.
  • E, enthusiastically respond when appropriate.
  • N, never speak when someone else is talking.

If you are only thinking of your answer or which rule you are going to reply with, you might miss something important. If you don’t understand what the other person is saying, ask questions. Repeat what you heard, ask for clarification. Do not make assumptions.

By: G. W. McCurtis

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