Did Captain Kirk use ETS?

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I wonder if Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise realized when he said “Beam me up Scottie” that as a federal government traveler he needed to have a travel authorization in the E-Gov travel system (ETS).  As it is with anything, travel doesn’t just happen.  It takes a team of dedicated, trained professionals to make it happen.

Travel Management Center (TMC) or Commercial Travel Office (CTO) are the names the General Services Administration (GSA) designated for accredited travel agencies under contract with the federal government to sell airline tickets and other travel services.

Travel begins with a travel order – the traveler must create a travel authorization using the E-Gov travel system.  When creating the authorization using ETS, the traveler will be prompted to make reservations for air, hotel, car rental and other transportation using different screens to complete the information.  If the traveler forgets to include something or if the request does not comply with agency policy, the system will send an error message with guidance for correcting the error.  Per Diem entitlements are automatically populated using the travel dates, and location.  The traveler can indicate if the lodging is for a conference, if any meals are being provided, if leave is being used, or if actual expenses are being claimed.

A pre-audit is completed by the system.  If no errors are found, the traveler will electronically sign the authorization.  The authorization is then approved by the traveler’s approving official.  It is then transmitted in an electronic file called a queue to the TMC/CTO.  If there are no changes made to the authorization, the electronic airline ticket will be issued by the TMC/CTO 2 to 3 business days prior to travel.  The traveler receives electronic correspondence from the TMC/CTO regarding the trip.

After the ticket is issued, Captain Kirk will be able to board the USS Enterprise for his trip to “Space, The Final Frontier”.

By: Sue Burton

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