DOD Lodging Programs

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The Department of Defense (DOD) has several different programs for lodging.  All of the programs produce savings to the tax payer. Lodging facilities listed in the Defense Travel System (DTS) are either part of the Federal Rooms Program, and/ or FEMA compliant hotels.  The hotels listed in DTS are provided to system users because of the cost savings to the government traveler.  The Federal Rooms Program and FEMA compliant hotels work well at saving the non-DOD travelers money, but even they do not provide the cost savings of the military lodging system.  The military lodging system is not currently used by DTS.

The Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) requires uniformed service members ordered to a U.S. Installation (as opposed to a geographic location like a town or city) to check for Government quarters availability (e.g. through their Commercial Travel Offices) at the site to which they are temporarily assigned.  The JFTR, par. U1045 applies. Travelers are required to adhere to his directive, but the four military lodging systems are not part of the system service members must use. The four lodging systems that are used by the DOD are:   Air Force Inns at;  the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites at;  Army Lodging at,  and the Marine Corps Temporary Lodging Facilities at

The four DOD lodging facilities have been supporting the military community long before programs such as FedRooms, or hotels that offered government rates and for federal travelers.   DOD lodging facilities offer rates that are far below what you will find on any of the other programs, and are a confirmed value for the dollar.  The DOD programs are competitive, and a have a place in the DTS.

By: G. W. McCurtis

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