E-gov Travel Simplifies Travel Voucher Processing

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Implementation of E-Gov Travel simplifies the voucher processing.  When I began my career in administrative accounting 19 years ago, our agency used the paper-based system for processing travel reimbursements.  A traveler submitted a manually prepared travel voucher with original receipts to his/her approving official.  The voucher and receipts arrived at the administrative office for payment by internal mail or hand delivery.  Prior to issuing a reimbursement to the traveler, the administrative office reviewed the voucher and receipts.  Every detail of the trip was analyzed for compliance to the Federal Travel Regulations and any pertinent accounting regulations to assure the claim for reimbursement was proper and valid for payment.  Upon validation of the claim a manual schedule of payments was submitted to the authorized paying office to prepare and mail a check to the traveler.  This process could take days to weeks to complete.

Now, thanks to technology and E-Gov Travel, the traveler needs only to update the trip expenses on an electronic version of the travel voucher, electronically attach receipts, and then electronically sign the document initiating his/her claim for reimbursement.  The travel voucher is automatically routed to the appropriate approving officials for review and approval by electronic signatures.  The travel administrative office receives the completed and approved travel voucher through the travel system.  The payment data for the travel voucher interfaces into the financial accounting system directing the payment to the traveler’s bank account and/or the traveler’s individually billed travel card account by an electronic funds transfer.  In two or three days the traveler and the travel card vendor receive their payments.

With the built in audit features of the E-Gov System, on-line booking, and the use of various travel programs, the agency can be reasonably assured that travel arrangements are made and expenses claimed in compliance with the Federal Travel Regulations and established travel programs.  In lieu of the time consuming hundred percent prepayment review of each submitted travel voucher, the travel office performs an audit of a random sample of the paid vouchers processed during the month to ensure the integrity of the travel system and accounting processes.  Streamlining the payment process benefits the agency and the Government traveler.  The agency adheres to the regulatory requirements for travel management and for accounting of federal funds while reducing the cost of voucher processing.  The Government traveler receives reimbursement in a timely manner.

By Regina Potter

The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government ormy agency.

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