Electronic Fund Transfer

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In 1997, GSA supported the implementation of the electronic funds transfer (EFT) provisions contained in the debt collections improvement act.  The government makes payments by EFT through the automated clearing house.  Eft is mandatory for all federal payments including travel payments to government employees.  When the traveler submits a voucher for payment, the expenses that are owed to the traveler are made directly to the traveler’s bank account.  The charges that are made to the travelers individual government credit card are paid directly to the bank by split disbursement.  Split disbursement payments became mandatory for government agencies in october 2005.   With split disbursement the traveler doesn’t have to worry about making a payment to the credit card before the due date.  Some of the expenses that will be paid to the individual’s credit card will be airfare, lodging and rental car. 

Even though you may already have your payroll forwarded to an account via eft, that does not mean that your travel payments will automatically go to the same account.  Travelers not enrolled for eft travel payments are advised to submit a completed pdf 5384 (direct deposit sign-up form).  When travelers change or close their account with their financial institution, or another buys out their financial institution, it is the travelers responsibility to provide the travel office with his new eft information.  Failure to provide the travel office with the new EFT information will cause a delay in their travel payments  being processed efficiently.     

By Deva Wilson

“The views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect any position of the government or my agency.”

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