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The electronic ticketing system has certainly altered the travel industry. Subsequent to June 2008, most airlines were continuing to issue paper tickets.  Paper tickets and electronic tickets mutually worked in the same capacity. They show proof that a  passenger has actually purchased their airline ticket.  We recall the tribulations experienced with paper tickets.  Airlines always charged more for issuing the paper tickets verses the electronic ones.  Travelers would often forget their airline ticket  at home.  Furthermore, there were also tons of fees associated with paper tickets. According to Bryan Wilson of the International Air Transport Association the elimination of paper tickets will reduce airline costs by as much as $3 billion worldwide and cut the cost of issuing a ticket . I personally have encountered problems associated with paper tickets. For one the boarding pass was always mistaken for the airline receipt. Travelers were confused by both due to their huge resemblance.  If one was not paying attention, you could send that to the payment office to be processed. The payment office will in turn reject the claim.

Electronic tickets are superior to paper tickets on any level.  A traveler can make changes to their itinerary quicker such as change in flight, destination, book rental cars and hotels, etc.  With electronic tickets everything is stored in a reservation database. The traveler will not have to be concerned about their ticket being lost or stolen.  Within my agency, we use Sabre Global Distribution System. The traveler is notified three days prior to the trip regarding the availability of their electronic ticket. When the traveler has not received their e-ticket, the issue is researched.  Travelers often forget to check for their e-ticket prior to getting to the airport. This causes some issues which are minor and easy to fix..My travelers love electronic tickets. You can log onto Sabre obtain your itinerary, e-ticket, e-invoice, etc with one click of a button. Most travelers use e-tickets to check in through the airline and upgrade seats.   Due to electronic tickets, there is no more waiting in long lines at the airport. You just walk up to the kiosk and punch in your reservation code. Electronic tickets have definitely improved the way we make our reservations.

By Stacey Clark

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