Electronic Travel Can Keep You on the Straight and Narrow

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For those of us who have the opportunity to use an Electronic Travel site, it allows you make your plans and know right away that you are in compliance of your specified travel rules. Usually for most of us, trying to pick our favorite airline to keep our miles consolidated can be your first choice. Depending on the trip most times you can find a way to be compliant and still get your first choice.

As an example, when I start an itinerary, my system has me input my preferred travel times and dates. Fortunately now with many low cost carriers serving more destinations, the legacy carriers have made the fares much more favorable. When I look at the top of the screen, I see several carriers listed to fly the routes I need and can select either my favorite carrier or perhaps one I might like to try. Also at the top I see a comparison of fares so I know which ones get eliminated first.

When I go through the list travel times offered to me, my system has a little line at the top that says whether that choice is allowed or I get a message at the top in Red that warns me I am out of policy. Now of course you apply for an exception depending on your needs, but knowing I meeting the guidelines right away makes my travel planning much easier.

When I submit my travel expenses there is a tab that I need to click that verifies I used the compliant air fare. Not having to answer numerous questions about why I did not follow the rules makes this a much easier process.

One last thing that has also helped is having the rental car company also included in our site. Some how, I think a Corvette should be allowed instead of just the Cobalt.

By Ted Miller, CHME, CHSP, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

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