ETS and the TMC

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To be a viable Travel Management Company contractor for the federal government a TMC must understand the impact ETS has on it government clients, as well as the relationship it needs with ETS vendors.  The projection in the early stages of the ETS development and its capabilities suggested this technology would replace the TMC and the need for contracts to secure their services.  Understanding the complex requirements of government travel and its special needs ultimately positioned the TMC for a long viable relationship due to the services it can provide.  Federal agencies have the option of selecting their own TMC through GSA Travel Services Solutions schedule or through their own contracting vehicles. This requires TMCs to be an imbedded partner or accommodated by the ETS vendor to provide fulfillment of full travel services for the specific government contract.  Basically, each federal government traveler must be provided the option of a self service, on-line booking engine to arrange travel that is also in compliance of FTR and JTR.  TMC’s must be able to follow certain protocol with an ETS vendor for each specific contract or task order.  These protocols include passenger information for ticketing, reporting, and accounting.  A TMC must ensure its relationship through contractual obligation with its ETS vendor concerning connectivity requirement thought the TMC’s GDS, security procedures, exchange of confidential information such as traveler profiles, and ARC accreditations.  The TMC’s acceptance of the ETS regulations became a simple philosophy as the ETS enhances any TMC’s ability to provide all of their government travelers with a method of booking travel by any means in which the client is comfortable!  Any TMC with core client values must be able to understand and embrace the changes and technology in the travel industry to be a successful government contractor and provide the services required.

By:  Scott Carver


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