Fed Rooms Lodging Program

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Federal travelers often have a hard time finding a hotel within per diem to meet their official business needs.  Hotels may offer a “government” rate, a per diem rate, and now the new FedRooms rate.  Each hotel determines the “government” rate that may be higher than the specified per diem rate for the location and may have hidden fees or cancellation fees.

FedRooms is the official government-wide lodging program, contracted through GSA to simplify the lodging process for federal travelers and save the government money.  Currently more than 5,000 hotels in more than 1,600 cities around the world participate in the FedRooms program.  If a traveler can’t find a hotel in the city they visit often, they may nominate a hotel by visiting the link on FedRooms.com and providing the hotel information.  Travelers may also visit the FedRooms library to view participating hotels listed by state.

The FedRooms program offers several guarantees such as a rate at or below per diem, cancellation of reservation until 4pm on day of arrival without penalty, no hidden costs or penalties are attached to the rate, and travelers are not charged for early checkout.   We all know the best of plans tend to change due to circumstances beyond our control.  I’ve taken advantage of the early checkout without penalty when on official business.  When training or meetings have finished earlier than anticipated, I can travel home without costing the government additional funds.

Whether you book hotels through the Travel Management Center (TMC), your agency eGov travel system, at FedRooms.com or by calling the hotel directly, remember to give FedRooms first consideration if available at your TDY location.  Always book hotel reservations according to your agency’s travel policy.  You can even take advantage of the FedRooms rate for leisure travel.   Ask for the FedRooms rate by name.  One of the goals of my agency is to educate travelers on the FedRooms lodging program.  Visit the FedRooms website to obtain more information on this hotel program.

By Julie Gilchrist

“The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government or my agency.”




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