Federal Travel Regulations

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Post payment auditing is a service we provide to our customers. These audits are performed using the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR). Our goal is to make sure that the travelers are reimbursed in accordance with the FTR. The Post payment auditing that we perform is on the voucher in the E-Gov Travel Service System and our accounting system. We conduct the audits using a Statistical sampling checklist, which is used on each voucher that is sampled. The amount of audits conducted can vary from month to month. This is determined by the number of vouchers that were paid the previous month.

The vouchers are reviewed using the Statistical Sampling Checklist, which outlines multiple items to ensure the voucher is in compliance with the FTR. The voucher is checked to make sure that required receipts have been provided. This would include ticketed transportation receipts, lodging receipts, and any expense over $75. Many times travelers have forgotten to attach receipts or are not sure exactly which ones need to be attached to the voucher. This causes us to have to request receipts or use sites to obtain a traveler’s information. We use a site called virturallythere.com to obtain airfare receipts.
Transportation receipts that are needed include airfare and train fare. Travelers try to submit itineraries and boarding passes, however, these are not acceptable receipts. The receipts must show the amounts that the traveler was actually charged. The price must be clearly shown and it needs to be an invoice. Lodging receipts must show each night of lodging and have the breakdown of expenses charged. A reservation confirmation is not a valid receipt because the reservation can still be cancelled. Any expenses over $75 require a receipt. Travelers tend to lump there taxi receipts together. If they total more than $75, they have to provide all the receipts. Rental Car receipts also must be provided if they are more the $75. However, some of our customers have stricter policies and receipt a receipt for Rental car no matter how much it is. If the travelers are unable to provide a receipt for any of their expenses that required one, they must provide a full explanation on the travel voucher. However, the inconvenience of obtaining receipts will not be considered as a valid explanation.

By: John Duncan

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