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Travelers no longer need to search and compare hotels to ensure they are compliant with federal regulations. When a traveler books FedRooms, he or she is guaranteed to be in compliance. With more than 5,000 FedRooms hotels worldwide, and with new hotels added daily, FedRooms provides choice while leveraging the federal government’s overall buying power – ensuring guaranteed rates and rate protection now and in the future.

For federal government travelers, there are significant differences between the FedRooms rate and “government” rates. The FedRooms rate is the only rate offered under the government-wide and government-sponsored hotel program and is a GSA sponsored hotel program. The “government” rates are rates that have not been negotiated on behalf of the federal government.

The FedRooms program guarantees:

§ Rates at or below per diem
§ 4:00 pm or later cancellation the day of arrival with no penalties
§ FEMA compliancy
§ Acceptance of government credit cards and other forms of payment
§ No hidden cost or penalties attached to the rate
§ No charge for early check-out

The unmanaged “government” rates do not provide these guarantees.

As the above information deals with federal government travelers on official business, what some travelers may not know is that FedRooms can also be used for leisure travel. Because federal travelers requested it, FedRooms has made it easier than ever to access the FedRooms rate for leisure travel. FedRooms rates for leisure travel must be booked directly from FedRooms by phone, through the Fedrooms website, or by contacting the hotel directly and asking for the FedRooms rate. An eGov travel system cannot be used to book leisure travel.

by Susan Garrett

The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government or my agency.

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