Fedrooms and FEMA Requirements

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Part of the requirements to do business with the Federal Government is that your hotel must be FEMA Certified. As a new build or converting hotel, you must make sure that the building contractor is having the required inspections prior to the opening of the hotel. You must also ensure that the State Fire Marshall has given their approval during the construction process. There are some occasions where the local laws may exceed the Federal Minimum Requirements, so verify with the Fire Marshal which requirements you must meet.

The contact point you will require for this process is; http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/applications/hotel/

This is the web address for the US Fire Administration which is where you will find the online application for your FEMA number and be able to search for the Fire Marshall Contact for your area. In many cases, some states do not list a specific address, but have the applications centrally routed to them by FEMA.

It usually takes two weeks from the time a formal fire safety inspection is requested to have it completed. This is usually done through the building contractor along with the Chief Engineer. Once you have received your FEMA number you will be able to be accepted into the Fedrooms Program.

Fedrooms gives an individual property the ability to go after the government business traveler on a site that continues to grow in its use. The site has been enhanced several times and most recently has added icons to show special offers extend to the government traveler.

One of the key things to remember about government business travel is that lowering your rate does not drive more business and is usually counter productive. Offering value add items such as free breakfast is an incentive to the government business traveler. Free internet is nice, but it is not a great influencer on the civilian traveler.

Make sure you review your listing at least once a week. If someone at the hotel has adjusted the rate plan, you may find yourself being suspended and not available to be booked. Also check and see what your competition is doing and also other hotels in your same brand. Some times the best ideas can be borrowed instead of invented.

By Ted Miller

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