From One System to Another

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When I began working in the travel department at my agency, we were using an electronic travel system to process travel requests.  It was a simple program to use but it did not have the capability of making reservations directly with the airlines or hotels. Our agency was able to write an interface that would data link the files from this electronic system directly to our accounting system. There was very little manual posting of invoices into our accounting system by using this electronic system. The downfall of this system was there were no good reporting capabilities.

When the E-Travel initiative came about, representatives from my agency were chosen to help in the testing and selection of which electronic travel system our department would select. The system that our department ended up choosing was the system that was the most advanced electronic travel system at the time. This e-system has a reservation module which made it possible for travelers to make air reservations and hotel reservations at the time they enter the travel authorization.  By becoming a “One Stop Shop”, the e-system has simplified the vouchering process for government travelers. The e-system has also made improvements to the reporting information needed to run a successful travel program.

As much as I hated to see the old electronic system go, I was glad to have a travel system that allows reservations to be made. Like any new system, the new e-system had its’ bugs, but by working with the manufacturer directly has steadily made enhancements to correct them and continue looking for better ways to improve their systems.

By: Linda Ruppel

The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government or my agency.



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