FTR: The Blueprint for the Prudent Traveler

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Working in the travel arena for several years, I have sampled my share of travel vouchers for compliance to the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR). I have seen many vouchers that I felt was just following the public’s perception of government, wasteful spending. I am not required to travel often, but when I do, I do everything within my power to spend as little as possible. I guess you can say I am the “prudent” traveler, but also a taxpayer. I do not look at travel as a way to make a few extra dollars. Unfortunately, I think a lot of individuals take advantage of travel as a way to gain “free money”

The FTR is the rules listing the travel guidelines, but I also think they are the reason so many people within government look at travel as an extra paycheck. The FTR is vague in some areas. I understand that it is written that way so each individual agency can interpret it as needed when writing their internal travel procedures. But I think the FTR is too vague. In some areas, there needs to be clear and concise rules to follow, black and white only and no gray areas. By allowing so much gray areas, the FTR is just welcoming people who are not “prudent” to take advantage of the system.

I personally feel guilty if I was to spend extra money for unnecessary travel expenses but not everyone follows my philosophy. I wish the FTR could be a little more specific on their rules and regulations and a little less gray. That way everyone can become the “prudent” traveler.

By Linda Ruppel

The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government or my agency.

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