GDS System 2009

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The current GDS system platform remains relatively unchanged since it was first widely used in the 1970’s.  With all the advances in technology the GDS system continues to be DOS based requiring a series of commands to obtain information.  Even with the updated scripting and windows look the system continues to be antiquated compared to the new technology.

This issue has become evident with Secure Flight the TSA passenger tracking system requiring the full name, date of birth, gender and redress number if applicable for every airline passenger.  The airlines and GDS systems have been scrambling in order to adapt their systems to accept the necessary fields.  This has become a long and tedious process as currently the systems have limitations on the number of characters possible for each line and a maximum number of lines.

It is now the times to update these systems in order to create user friendly platforms that are easily updated and less expensive to maintain.

Although travel is currently in a recession due to the economic downturn, travel is here to stay, therefore we must use our knowledge of what works and improve upon it.  The economy has provided an excellent opportunity for the airlines and travel management companies to step back and reevaluate there current technology. This can be accomplished by dedicating valuable resources; both travel professionals and IT in the development of air travel search products that actually work. Many IT professional know nothing about travel and therefore create colorful eye-catching platforms that do not complete the basic functions required by the typical travel professional.  Travel professionals need to take an interest in the technology and participate in the initial programming in order to ensure future success.

Updating the GDS or creating an entirely new platform would revitalize the travel industry by creating a modern airline reservation system and ultimately bringing the industry into the 21 Century.

By Maruca Malloy

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