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Section 2a discusses Global Distribution Systems. Although I am sure that it must exist somewhere, I have not seen a recent diagram that shows the flow of information throughout a travel transaction. By a travel transaction, I am referring to the following components:

  • Vendors (airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, other)
  • GDS
  • Travel Agencies
  • Traveler (or end user)

The data flow used to be rather straightforward, in that the vendor supplied data to the GDS, the GDS to the travel Agency, and the Travel Agency to the traveler. However, through technology and financial tightening there are now myriad other methods for securing travel. Those include:

  • Vendor-direct call centers or websites
  • Alternate GDS (ITA, G2, Farelogix, INS)
  • Corporate Travel Departments, On-line Travel Agencies and On-line Booking Engines.

On the following page I have created a data flow chart which includes many of these recent entities. I would appreciate any feedback you have as to whether I understand the flow of information correctly.

The other aspect to consider, and again, this probably exists somewhere, is the flow of money amongst these entities. Logically the money flow would be opposite from the data flow in that the traveler bears the brunt of the expense, which flows all of the way through to the vendor. Any additional information you have to share on the money flow would be appreciated.

For diagram, click here.

By Ted Schuerman


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