Government Rental Car Program

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A few years ago the Defense Travel Management Office was designated to be in charge of the Rental Car Program for the entire Federal Government.   The Rental Car Program is designed for official business used only to meet mission requirements. It offers special benefits for federal government employees on TDY such as unlimited mileage, insurance, free upgrades, etc.  While participating in this program you are required to show a valid drivers license and TDY orders.  A traveler can only request a compact size car unless otherwise authorized by their approving official.  Rental cars can be purchase using your government travel card, personal card or cash depending on your agency local travel policy. While on TDY, you must treat the automobile as if it were your own.  If you are ever in a collision while on TDY you will be insured through a waiver included in your rental car agreement.   If a traveler decides to rent a car on their own, you can be held accountable if that particular car was in some form of accident.  Whenever your rental car is lost, stolen or damaged you must report the incident by filing a claim.  Upon the return of the rental car, the traveler is responsible for ensuring the tank is filled.  Despite the many benefits of the rental car program, I notice many travelers deviating outside the program to book their rental car.  There are always so many excuses why they could not use the Defense Travel System to procure their rental car.  It’s heartbreaking to say that many happened to be involved in accidents and miss out on many of the benefits offered by this program.

By: Stacey Clark

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