Government Rental Car Program

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Over the last decade the car rental industry has undergone dramatic changes; notably is the transfer of rental car company ownerships from automobile manufactures to entrepreneurial corporations.

Rental car companies have entered into formal agreements with the government with approved vendor status including several domestic and international companies. The government car rental program is available to all U.S. Government personnel traveling on official business. Even though the monies spent on car rental is small in comparison to the industry as a whole, the government portion is considered of great value. It offers many benefits and availability to all government drivers who are authorized and licensed.

Car rental rates can be discounted at any location, but cannot exceed the maximum rates stated in the agreements. This program has created dynamic competitive environment among car rental companies which ultimately do benefit the government especially to travelers who do not have access to public transportation. Leisure rentals are ot part of the GCRA and do not qualify for special provisions.

The rental car companies under the Agreement must maintain insurance coverage or qualified self insurance program which protects the government and its employees. The rental car company assumes the risk of loss or damage to rental cars unless the loss or damage is caused outside of the Agreement.

The government issued charge cards are the preferred method of payment but the companies are required to accept cash, personal checks or credit cards.

The GCRA requires the car rental companies to submit usage reports to the DTMO on a quarterly basis. The report data can then be compared to the charge card data for budget analysis and planning.

By: Brandy Webber

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