Government Rental Car Responsibilities

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When obtaining a rental car for government travel you must arrange travel in accordance with the FTR through the E-Gov Travel Service that your agency makes available to you.  Your agency may grant an exception to requiring you to use the ETS if it would result in unreasonable burdens of the mission, special needs, national security interest or would cause endangerment to your life.

The agency must determine that use of a rental vehicle is advantageous to the Government and must specifically authorize such use by approval through the ETS system.  If the exception is not approved you will then be responsible for any additional costs resulting from failure to use the E-Gov Travel Services.  The agency has the right to also take appropriate disciplinary action.

The limits on car rental accommodations include that you must rent a vehicle from a vendor that participates in the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) U.S. Government Car Rental Agreement unless you are traveling outside the US.  DTMO has negotiated rental car agreements that include automatic unlimited mileage, collision damage insurance, and ceiling rates.

The Government is a self-insurer so as a general rule you would not be reimbursed for CDW or theft insurance for travel within CONUS.  The only exception is for collision damage waiver or theft insurance when you travel outside CONUS and such insurance is necessary.

Any Personal Accident Insurance purchased for use of vehicle on nonofficial travel is not reimbursable, this is a personal expense and is not reimbursable.  You are responsible for any additional cost resulting from the unauthorized use of a commercial rental automobile for other than official travel-related purposes.

By:  Debbie Hardman

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