Government Travel & Best Practices

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The various points in this section were not only concise conclusions to the topic of government travel but this section also included a brief history of the travel industry. As one would expect, the changes to move into an electronic travel system were uncomfortable in the beginning for many. Now that time has passed, the systems are in place, and the ideal functions have been achieved, government travel management personnel have an easier time in the day-to-day operations.

One positive aspect of working through all the changes is that there is now an extensive resource of training available to help to keep professionals and government financial managers current. All the work and training is for one end result – to ensure the traveler receives approval for a well planned trip within the budget available. That seems a simple goal but many activities have to take place before this positive outcome is finished.

The chart on page 162 provides a practical explanation of all the activities surrounding a single travel activity. After all is said and done, the traveler is still ultimately responsible in making sure information is updated and that they understand the regulations and processes for travel establish by their agency.

The long quotation from the Office of Government Ethics regarding travel professional ethics was a great way to address this important subject. There is no excuse for not knowing how one will be treated or how one is expected to act.

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