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The GSA TSS program (Travel Services Solution) was implemented in 2003 in direct response to the Presidents Management Agenda announced in the summer of 2001 to improve the management of the Federal Government.  The TSS schedule is used to acquire travel services to assist Federal employees in meeting their travel needs.  One of the goals of this program was to increase the participation of small business in obtaining Federal Travel contracts.  Two years after the program was implemented the GSA had reached their goal having 34 small business in the subcontracting program compared to 13 with the previous program.

When GSA began implementing ETS, they established provisions in the master contracts in order to ensure the participation of the small business sector.  The large TMC are tasked with outlining strategies to reach out to small business.  The contracts subsequently provide incentives for the mega agencies to reach the small business goals and penalties if these goals are not met.

In 2007 GAO made some key recommendations to the TSS program in order to create key metrics in order to meet the designated goals.

  • GSA should take steps to ensure that its administrative process does not impede small business Travel Agencies from having reasonable opportunity to obtain and maintain business with the Federal Government.
  • Monitor the amount of actual business small travel agencies is receiving from the TSS program. Depending on the results identify and implement adjustments to the program were necessary.
  • Collect Data and periodically report to the Office of Management and Budget on the saving realized from implementing ETS.

The GSA was pleased overall pleased with the report and implemented new internal processes to monitor small business participation.

By Maruca Malloy




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