Guidelines for the Evaluation Process of the Three E Gov Travel Systems

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Our agency used the following document as a guideline for the evaluation process of the three E Gov Travel systems:

This document contains functionality and tasks, which were demonstrated during the vendor presentation.  The document was used to rate the E Gov Travel system.  Some items were rated while others were for information or clarification purposes.  The document contains various sections and tasks within the sections to be performed.  If the order of the tasks was not logical to the E Gov Travel system, the vendor was asked to supply a document referencing the item numbers in the order demonstrated to allow rating officials to follow along.


Prior to the Demonstration

  • Set up e-mail accounts, which will be accessible during the demo to look at any e-mails which are generated;
  • Valid credit cards needed to be used during the user setup to enable reservation creation during the demo; and
  • Print outs were required, vendor required to bring a printer.


During the Demonstration

It was assumed the functionality being demonstrated was the E Gov Travel system supplied with the base contract, if that was not the case; the vendor needed to indicate when there was an additional fee for a feature; and any time there was a task, which needed be performed by an Agency Administrator and the vendor would need to be contacted for support; the vendor would indicate that task.


After the Demonstration

Deliverables from the Demo:

  • Print out of all travel documents created in all available formats;
  • Electronic copy of interfaced documents created in XML format (Labeled by the vendor) and any other formats if available;
  • File specifications of the interface created;
  • Electronic or paper copy of reports created during interface creation;
  • List of edits, which were performed on documents;
  • List functionality that each role could perform;
  • Traveler Training Material;
  • Administrator Training Material;
  • Online user tutorial; and
  • Agency Implementation Project Plan.


Note:  Creation of output files to interface to accounting systems was critical.  The team evaluated the files after the demonstration. This extensive evaluation was instrumental in our agency’s selection of the E Gov Travel System.

by Cindy Moore

Disclaimer: The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government or my agency.  Use of this equipment is consistent with the agency’s policy governing limited personal use.

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