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Hotel reporting is still very much in its infancy stages. Much of this is due to the fact that most hotels locations are ‘branded’ rather than owned by the chain.

Basically the front room system at a hotel talks to the Brand, so that whether reservations are made thru the 800 number, via the GDS, or hotel direct, you can pull up the information. However, bookings and actual usage of those rooms can be two entirely different scenarios.

There are many versions of back room accounting systems in the marketplace, and to further complicate matters there are many different editions of that same account/report system. Thus each hotel is ‘restricted’ in reporting capabilities based upon the dollar amount they are willing to invest in their back room system.

It even becomes more challenging since hotel chains are a global operation. What works or is being used overseas is not necessarily what has been adapted here in the United States.

Continual improvements will be made, but unfortunately, there is no quick fix in the immediate future. Until back room systems are mandated, hoteliers will not be able to provide accurate room usage reports for corporations and/or government agencies.

Today the most reliable resource for hotel spend is captured by credit card companies. Major credit card corporations, cannot only customize the formats in which statements are presented, but are working closely with their customers and hoteliers to perfect the electronic handoffs of information. The good news is that since banking is such a competitive industry, enhancements are being made and will continue to be made to ‘beat’ their competition.

If you are looking for valid hotel spend numbers, I suggest you see your banker today!

By Linda Colvos

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