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The hotel industry has really changed in the past 5 years by adding 250 thread-counts sheets, White duvet covers, complimentary Breakfast buffet, evening cocktails with appetizers, brand name shampoos, conditioners and lotions.

I find that hotels are more aware of environmental concerns and the clients are seeking out these hotels for their stays. I was able to do a back of the house tour at a large chain hotel and I was surprised at how much detergent and water is used daily in the laundry to accommodate the linens at this property. A simple act of not having the sheets and towels changed everyday saves thousands of gallons of water a day.

The Master List of FEMA compliant hotels makes it easier to keep our clients in a safe property. I feel confident using properties in remote locations from this site because the hotels listed have submitted the Hotel and Motel Safety Fire Declaration form to FEMA to qualify.

Hotels are now using complex computer systems to analyze occupancy rates, seasonal fluctuations, general market variation and availability with the Hotel Data systems.

I recently called the sales department and was told that the per diem rate wasn’t available. The client called the following day to find the hotel was now offering the per diem. I realize that sometimes groups are cancelled and rooms are released back into inventory but a courtesy call to the planners would be appreciated to inform them the rate has become available. I have had this happen twice this year and I felt I didn’t meet the client’s expectations of me. If the system was setup to show the immediate release of these rooms back into inventory, the sales department would have a more accurate acounting of availability and rates.

Working with a knowledgeable sales person makes me as a planner feel confident when the group arrives they will have the same professional and positive experience.

By Carolyn Amacker

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