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Getting important information out to employees is one of the biggest challenges corporate travel managers face.  Whether it be email, flyers, bulletins, blogs, banners, newsletters, etc, it is difficult to reach a mass audience at once.  The best way for us to communicate important updates in policy or procedures is through our specialty group of administrative assistants called the Travel Guru’s.

I meet with over 80 administrative assistants each month to communicate industry updates, policy reminders and changes, incentive programs and procedures.  Occasssionally, I invite preferred vendors to present to the group to keep them abreast of membership offerings and changes pertaining to industry.  I also invite our employee reimbursements group to review some of the crazy expense reports that are submitted.  This helps the group understand what a cost reimbursable expense is and process travel requests in an efficient manner without any hassles on the back end.  I also make time for feedback from travelers and the arrangers to ensure our program is operating smoothly.

From time to time, I will incentify the admins with perks to keep them engaged in the group and make it fun for them.  I hold drawings to top travel arrangers and for attendance, etc.

The feedback is positive from the group and they appreciate being a part of the process.  They are responsible to hold meetings or disseminate the information obtained within their own groups.  This has been a tremendous cost savings as they are often the individuals booking the travel arrangements and they understand what is allowable for travel.  Without their input and support, our program would not be as successful.

by Stefanie Tretola

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