Relationship Building

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We have a particular group that is coming to our hotel for a conference in March.  This group has been booked since the middle of last year and has had to rebook one time already due to a tragedy.  Since we are coming up so close to their new arrival date, I have just found out that in the next two weeks everyone within this group will be making their travel arrangements to make the trip to Gettysburg.  This could greatly affect the arrival and departure dates that we already have in our reservation system.  By them booking their travel plans so close to their arrival date and by us already have been given a rooming list we could potentially be sitting on rooms that we may not be able to resell.  The policy at most properties would be to charge the groups for having to sit on the rooms for so long but being that this is the Government there is no way to justify payment.  We would not have a leg to stand on.  For other markets we are able to reinforce this policy but in this case we know we have to be flexible.  Government groups change their plans quite frequently from dates being booked to who is attending.  Hotels have to be open to this in order to get repeat Government business and to be given a good reputation.  There is nothing greater than knowing you have helped out a group and they are so pleased that they want to come back again and again.  This is also a great example of relationship building.

Jen Millheim



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