Rental Car Enhancements

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When my agency first started using eTS, I myself as an analyst, along with my co-analysts, found that the rental car section in the system could be more user friendly and informational. We recommended several suggestions to our eTS vendor. I am happy to say that our eTS vendor has taken our suggestions and have upgraded the system to add these enhancements.

One of the enhancements was to add the capability to select and save one-way rental cars, or off airport locations. This enhancement allows more rental car locations to choose from, and that meets the traveler’s needs. Travelers can now book one-way rental cars on-line in the eTS allowing them to be charged the self-service transaction fee. Before the enhancement, they would have to contact the TMC directly to make these types of reservations and would be charged the non-self service transaction fee.

Another enhancement was to include the total estimated cost of the rental car (including taxes and fees) into the total price when booking a rental car. Before the enhancement, only the base price was included. This enhancement allows for the obligation of the rental car to be much closer to the actual price. Budget reviewers love this!

A third enhancement was to be able to have the organization policies be set up so that certain compliant car sizes could be selected without the traveler having to justify the choice (such as Economy, Compact, and Intermediate sizes). Any size car that is not set up can still be selected, but will require a justification from the traveler in the eTS (such as Full Size, Luxury, Sport Utility, and Minivan sizes).

A final enhancement was to clearly indicate if the rental car rate is going to exceed the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) ceiling rate. This indication warns users up front, before pricing and saving, so that they can opt to choose another rental car selection.

These are just a handful of items that we have worked with our eTS vendor on to make the eTS more user friendly and informational. With good communication and rapport with our eTS vendor, we have come a long way, and continue to make improvements every day.

by Susan Garrett

The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government or my agency.

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