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When a service member acquires a rental car from approved channels (DTS/SATO) they receive reservation rights, and rates, that are unique to government employees. Reservation rights and rates that apply to service members or federal employees that utilize CTO or DTS to procure a vehicle are as follows.

The rate that is confirmed by the rental car company via DTS or the CTO must be guaranteed, and honored, for 60 days from the time of reservation. This feature allows the service member to do some forward planning without incurring a penalty or adjustments to his budget.  Once the reservation is confirmed, it must be held for a minimum of two normal business hours after the renter’s scheduled flight arrival time.  The vehicle must be available, and the contract ready, when the service member arrives. If the vehicle is not available, the company must make arrangements to provide a vehicle through another location participating in the program.  If the size/class of car reserved is not available, the company must offer an upgrade vehicle at no additional cost, or a smaller car at a reduced rate, with the renter’s consent. Another reservation right the service member has is the need not to present a credit card to make reservations.

The rates that the service member and federal employees receive when procuring a car have a ceiling rate which is approved by the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). Ceiling rates are not subject to blackout dates.  The rates may go lower at any time, but cannot go higher without prior approval, and the rates cannot have penalty restrictions.  The total rate must reflect all fees except for Government Administrative Rate Supplement (GARS).  The company has the right to itemize state and local government fees, surcharges and taxes that cannot be included in the rate on the rental contract.  All of the rental vehicles must be offered with unlimited mileage, except for one way rentals.  The rental car companies have the option to charge mileage for one way rentals, or drop off charges.

By utilizing the DTS / CTO service members and federal employees have these benefits and more.  The rates and reservations rights are automatic, and have been negotiated for your benefit in advance by the DTMO.

By: G. W. McCurtis

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