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Even with the Rental car agreement through the DTMO you are subject to high rates during peak season with the car rental locations. Example: Superbowl in Tampa, Florida and just recently the Inauguration in Washington, DC. Also rental car companies often hold double the amount of the rental. Example: If you car rental was only for 2 days and total cost was $200.00 they will hold easily $400 to $500 on your credit card. Really what is the purpose? You have insurance on your own car to protect them against any damages that might occur during the time you are renting the car. With my experience I prefer to use Enterprise Rent A Car. I have not had to put extra deposits on my credit card when renting. I have rented from them from several different states and I have never had a problem, including quick and easy from pick up to drop off. Usually when I arrive I ask for an upgrade and I usually get one for no more than an extra $10 instead of paying the other higher prices if I would of book a larger car. If the cars sit on the lot and they do not get rented Enterprise is charged a fee for cars just sitting there. So it never hurts to ask for upgrades when renting a car, the worst they can do is say no!

Did you know: That a driver’s license issued to military personnel does not expire as long as the individual remains in military service, as so stated on the license, and such licenses will be accepted regardless of the date of issuance or expiration. Random drivers’ record checks are permissible under the US Government Car Rental Program and are at the expense of the Company.

by Kimberly Hubbard

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