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When I look at how the rental cars company’s processes have changed over the years it is amazing. I am one of those people who were booking cars 20 years ago and it was not always a happy experience for my rentals or our clients.

The process for you or your clients was trying because the rental car locations were not all at the airports and getting a rental car was a chore. Thru the SDDC program for US government personnel traveling on official business about 5,000 rental car locations

with over 2.25 million vehicles available. The rental car offer special incentives such as fewer restrictive clauses, widespread availability and fantastic rates.

Use of the government issued Visa and MasterCard charge cards is the preferred method of payment by rental card companies in Alaska and Hawaii. This makes the rental process much easier whether it is booked thru the GDS system or the Government traveler books at the car rental counter. The use of the credit card also makes it easier for the data reported by the car rental companies to be compared to the charge data, thus saving money with the reconciliation process, time, and tracking of usage for budget analysis/planning.

The travelers are taking advantage of all  the rental car programs which shorten the time it takes to get your car once you arrive at the car counter.

Some of the perks I have seen recently include:

  • 50% off Weekend rentals
  • Free tank of gas
  • One car class upgrade
  • Double Miles/Points and a free upgrade
  • Faster reservations and returns when you join rental car programs
  • Earn free Rental Days
  • Car rental preferences are stored for your next rental
  • Speed and expedited services
  • No stopping at any counters or to a special counter
  • Instant vehicle returns
  • No additional drive charges for spouses

In addition to car rental programs the government has programs and agreements thru the Defense Travel Management Office for Truck Rentals and Bus Transportation. The Truck Rental Agreement enables Federal Government employees and Armed Service

members to rent cargo vans, utility, and straight trucks for official business. Vehicles available under the Program are those vehicles that do not require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or Class “C” license to operate.

Since we move Government Groups as well as Military groups we are familiar with the SDDC web sites. We use the site to determine Motor Coach buses that have been approved for use by Government and Military and send out the Military Bus

Agreement (MBA) to carriers providing DOD sponsored transportation by van, limousine, and motor coach (bus). These standards affirm carriers provide service are conforming to DOD authorized entitlements. The policies governing bus passenger movements are reference  in Chapter 104, Busses, of the Defense Transportation Regulation, Part 1, Passenger Movements. Transportation Offices and authorized representatives must use DOD approved carriers when arranging charter bus service within their routing authority. The DTMO lists carriers approved for movements of DOD passengers on official travel. Transportation Officers needing information on getting carriers approved to service their activity or installation may contact the DTMO via email at or by phone at (703) 696-8436.

by Carolyn Amacker

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