RFPs In the Hotel Industry

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In the hotel industry I have seen a RFP from a government contractor, trying to secure the government bid but also trying to save their company money for hotel stays, since most of the time they will be coming in and staying weekly or even monthly. When they send out RFP’s then tend to send to several different hotels or even upload it to a RFP process center, where your company can go online and bid on the contracts with the other hoteliers. The contractor is not just looking to better a price but what is offered with that price. “More for the money. Also it states certain items that are required within the RFP. We have many steps for this process. We are signed up with the NECO Navy website that sends daily procurements that have to be filled out by noon and returned via fax. We bid on government business looking for rooms during certain days or months. Visit https://www.neco.navy.mil to sign up for these daily procurements. After you sign up you can go online to their website to look for RFP and try to gain that business as well. Just enter your search criteria to find procurement opportunities. The process of gathering RFP and filling out all the information that is required can be rather cumbersome. They are usually 1-4 pages depending on the group size.  You are mostly repeating your information. They are due back to by noon so they can make a decision. You are basically bidding on this contract for a total of 100-1000 room nights. Be careful on what you say on this report it is a legal document.

by Kimberly Hubbard

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