Smart-pay Program/Data Mining

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The federal government has always captured every item and stored in one place or another; more than likely down the road from the now that information will be used and will serve as a vital piece of information.  I served as the Transportation Specialist with the Peace Corps Headquarters here in Washington, DC for more than five years.  I remember having American Express as our travel card.  Each month, a box of reports would be delivered and we would spend hours manually going through each activity of the travelers’ card, checking for misuse and delinquency.  From someone who remembers the Diner’s Club card, I must say I am very impressed, excited and happy that both the IBA and CBA processes have come a long way.  With the way technology is today, I am not surprised that all of travel is not placed at a centrally billed account, that we move forward to more of a debit type card for travel for everyone instead of a travel card that holds a high balance, only leaving the agencies vulnerable to delinquency and or misuse.  Today, when I visit a gas pump, the first thing it asks is for my zip code, if the wrong code is provided, the card is rejected.  Our travel cards should be designed the same way.  If I use my card, it should immediately request an authorization number to capture that information at the same time of the charge.  If I cannot provide an authorization number, no charge!

By:  Theresa Hollowell

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