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Smartpay 2 is the biggest change in payment methods that most agencies have experienced in 10 years. The original Smartpay program took years to enhance and develop, but most agencies are extremely proud of their partnerships with the charge card vendors. It absolutely revolutionized the micro purchase process throughout the Government and has eased the burden of incurring travel expenses on Government travelers. One major shock of the Smartpay 2 solicitation was that a current Smartpay vendor – Bank of America, who serviced several Government agencies, decided not to participate in the resolicitation. This meant even agencies that were comfortable with their electronic access systems and reporting processes would be forced to choose a new vendor.

Most agencies have spent the past year preparing for the transformation process. Agencies have had to work with the new Smartpay 2 banks and their E-Gov Travel vendor to ensure all the new charge cards will be tested and loaded by the
November 29, 2008 cutover date. One chief concern is how agencies will handle reservations booked online in the current E-Gov systems with the old Smartpay card for travel that occurs after November 29th. Agencies will have to decide if they will have all booked reservations actually ticketed by the cutover date or have them canceled and rebooked. Communication will be crucial, so travelers can understand the implications and avoid possible confusion. This should be an exciting change in the next generation of charge card payment tools.

by Jaqueline Lynch

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