Spending Cuts and Compliance

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Like Wikipedia, your CGTP Training Course book put in plain words the exact meaning of Government Travel Management = to insure the traveler receives timely approval to take a trip required to accomplish a mission, to take a trip that is planned and reserved accurately and to be reimbursed the amount spent on the trip, all within the travel rules and regulations and available budget. Travel Managers of a federal agency will soon face the balancing act between being in compliance and cutting cost. Due to a very deep cut in federal spending not being felt currently but soon will bring impact before the fiscal year ends, travel managers will focus on cost control as a whole. The top priority ranked in 2012 is generating new airline and ground transportation savings followed in order by improving traveler compliance, optimizing hotel spend and increasing on line booking adoption. As a government agency audited annually on travel spent and usage, our top priority is actively reminding employees of our organization’s policy in addition to GSA required policy to improve compliance. We engage our management through out the organization on decisions pertaining to following GSA shaded procedure that can be interpreted 10 different ways. We track our organizations compliance by conservatively maintaining a Travel Data Base. Having this major tool communicates to the whole Administrative Service Department, the importance of keeping all facet of our Travel Office regulated items. Regular communication by email or Gallery wide announcement keeps our travelers abreast of new policy or changes in procedure. Our travel department offer 6 Travel and Reimbursement Training classes each Fiscal Year and is mandatory to all travel card holders and travel planners with in the agency. Our organization created a Travel handout that clearly spells out our concise travel guideline for 3 travel categories namely local travel, 60 miles or more with overnight stays and 60 miles or more without an overnight stay. The success of our Travel Office in regards to compliance is attributed to our Administrative Service Department Chief who is very meticulous, hard worker and hands on in every phase of her department.

By: Joy Borja

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