The Fly America Act

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I have noticed that this training course book touches on some topics very succinctly. On page 57 for example, the term ‘Fly America Act’ was used for international travel.

I wanted to learn more so Wikipedia was my first stop. There I found out that this “Act refers to the provisions enacted by Title 49 of the United States Code…”regarding government financed air transportation. What makes this topic a bit more interesting to me is that this Act applies equally to non-U.S. nationals and non-U.S. companies both within the U.S. and ex-territorially, regardless of enforcement difficulties or possible infringement of international law and personal liberty that this could represent.  So, because of this, the Act is generally regarded by non-U.S. interests as being anti-competitive and as unfairly favoring U.S. airlines for non-U.S. contractors.

For purposes of using United States flag air carriers, it means all 50 states and the District of Columbia and the territories and possessions of the United States. Some exceptions do apply like if the airport abroad is the origin or destination airport and the use of a U.S. carrier would extend the total travel time 24 hours or more than going by non-U.S. carrier or if one must wait more than 6 hours or more to make a connecting flight.

Code Sharing between U.S. and non-U.S. flag carriers has been given the go ahead by the Comptroller General if a U.S. carrier has an arrangement to provide passenger service in international air transportation on the aircraft of a non-U.S. air carrier. This then will meet the Fly America Act and the ticket must identify the U.S. Flag air carrier’s two letter designator code and flight number.

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