The Government Rental Car Program

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The government’s rental car program has established a successful car agreement with most competitive rental car companies.

The agreement lowers the cost of rental cars, offering exclusive special benefits to its employees. Renting a car can be very expensive while causing a burden. Many rental car companies require further identification and documentation just to rent a car for hours or days, with many restrictions.

My experience with rental car companies has not been very pleasant.  One major factor contributor to this unpleasant experience is the deposit required, which is extremely high. While traveling on a business trip to Los Angeles last year, I was asked to put down a $250.00 deposit.  This became a burden as I was unprepared for this cost, or if I should say “hold “on my card for this amount.  At the time, I didn’t have the money available, this extremely inconvenient.  I was in a situation that I didn’t have many options; however, I had to get a taxi to get to the hotel and rent a car from the hotel’s rental car agency – which only required a credit card hold for $75.00.

Under this agreement, the government is able to provide great benefits to its employees while saving money and preventing inconveniences to the employees.  Some of the great benefits include: upgrade coupons, no extra fees for additional government agencies, and unlimited mileage, to name a few.  The employees have options and should take advantage of the many benefits being offered under the rental car agreement.

by Ana Ferrara

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