The Payment Method Mapping for Expenses in the EGOV Travel Application

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This posting will be a discussion of the different payment methods for various travel expenses in the EGOV Travel application.  Four types of payment methods exist in the EGOV Travel application which include Traveler, Gov-cc, CBA, and Direct.  Expenses that the travelers select have a pre-determined payment method selected in the EGOV Travel application, but payment methods for expenses can be customized for each agency.  This posting, however, will just discuss the standard payment method mapping.

Expenses with payment method of Traveler are slated to be reimbursed directly to the traveler’s personal bank account.  The EGOV Travel application maps the following expenses to the method of reimbursement of Traveler: meals and incidental reimbursements, taxi expense, privately owned vehicle (POV) expense, and parking and/or toll expense.

Expenses with payment method of Gov-cc are scheduled to be reimbursed directly to the traveler’s government credit card.  The EGOV Travel application maps the following expenses to the method of reimbursement of Gov-cc: air ticket charges, TMC fees, hotel charges, rental vehicle charges, and ATM fees.  The traveler also has the option to allocation additional amounts to be paid to Gov-cc in order to pay the credit card vendor the entire charge card balance.

The CBA and Direct method of reimbursements are the final two methods.  CBA is used for expenses charged to the central billed account.  Generally, CBA is used only for air ticket or hotel for individuals who do not have a government credit card. The Direct method is used only for the travel voucher and authorization (TAV) fee charged by the vendor of the EGOV Travel application.  The TAV fee, which appears on every travel voucher, is paid directly to the EGOV Travel vendor upon approval of each travel voucher.

by Grant Brown

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